* Pre Order * Saint Sky Hatsune Miku Sings The Future Genuine Movable Doll Luminous Sound Stage

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Saint Sky Hatsune Miku Sings The Future Genuine Movable Doll Luminous Sound Stage

Configuration: Hatsune Miku x1, microphone x1, microphone stand x1, onion-shaped cheering stick x1, collar replacement x2, singing costume accessories x2, performance costume accessories x2, body accessories x1, hand shape x6, stage x1, PE soft rubber skirt x6 pieces, water sticker x1, sticker x1, replacement face x4, blank face x6, white light set x2, color change
Light set x2, sound sound x2
(light set is equipped with batteries, stage sound needs to bring 4 No. 5 batteries)
Material: ABS/PVC/PE/light set/sound component/magnet/paper
Height: Hatsune Miku 16cm high/stage about 41cm long*24cm wide*27cm high
Packing quantity: 1 box 6 Box
Single box size: 49cm long × 22cm wide × 33cm high
Single box weight: 2.95kg
Product highlights:
① Hatsune Miku IP, genuine authorization
② The appearance is restored to Hatsune Miku, 4 pre-painted faces are prepared, and different expression stickers and 6 blank faces are matched, you can DIY freely to show your MIKU!
③ Different costumes/appearance forms, “basic clothes”, “performance clothes”, “singing clothes” three different images, the skirt is made of PE soft rubber material, which is closer to the texture of the real skirt, compared with ABS and PVC, it improves the playing experience and does not affect the model’s mobility
④ Super large stage
⑤ Four stage lights, two color-changing lights + two white lights, which remind people of the atmosphere of live.
⑥ Full of easter eggs, onion-shaped cheering sticks, microphone stands (with magnets at the bottom, which can turn on the stage lights), the background board of the stage is integrated and double-sided, one side is a barrage of love for MIKU, and the other side is a background full of MIKU concert atmosphere
⑦ The stage also has a built-in sound device, which can play Hatsune Miku’s voice, and can even sing the song “pick me up” completely! Buy the model to enjoy genuine music!
1. Hello everyone, I am Hatsune Miku
2. I am more motivated by your support, thank you
3. I will try my best to sing the next song, please listen carefully
4. Let’s have fun together
5. Love you
6. Play the full song: “Pick me up”

Classification :
Origin :
Character :
Hatsune Miku
Manufacturer : Yolopark
Version : The Future Genuine Movable Doll Luminous Sound Stage
Material : ABS/PVC/PE/light set/sound component/magnet/paper
Scale :  Hatsune Miku 16cm high/stage about 41cm long*24cm wide*27cm high
No. of ASST. :  –
Release Date : 09 / 2024
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