DX Grease Ridewatch * Limited Premium Bandai *




DX Grease Ridewatch * Limited Premium Bandai *

[Product Description]
The item from the new Kamen Rider “Kamen Rider ZI-O”, “DX GREASE RIDEWATCH” is now launched in PREMIUM BANDAI!

Kamen Rider ZI-O × Kamen Rider BUILD baton touch! As a commemorative product of ” Heisei Kamen Rider 20th Series Commemorative Festival”, the “DX GREASE RIDEWATCH”, which carries the power of Kamen Rider GREASE, is now launched!

Insert the RIDEWATCH into “DX ZIKU DRIVER (※)” (sold separately) and turn the driver 360° around to ARMOR TIME into Kamen Rider ZI-O GREASE ARMOR! The LED will light up, and the sound effect “アーマータイム!ロボットゼリー!グリスー!” will be activated.

By pressing the button at the top of the RIDEWATCH, the sound effect “グリス!” can be heard. Turn the driver 360° around again to activate the sound effect of the finishing move “スクラップ”.

When playing with it separately, the design can be changed by turning the cover. Press the button at the top to activate the LED light and sound effects such as “グリス” and “心火を燃やすロボットゼリーのライダーは…グリスだ!”.

※”DX ZIKU DRIVER” is the transformation belt used by “Kamen Rider ZI-O”. By inserting the “RIDEWATCH”, which carries the powers of past Kamen Riders, he can use the corresponding Rider’s power to fight.


Classification : Masked Rider Role Play
Origin : Kamen Rider Build
Charactor : Grease Ridewatch
Manufacturer : Bandai
Version : Limited Premium Bandai
Material : ABS, PC, PET, PP
Scale : W approx. 77mm × H approx. 72mm × D approx. 45mm
Series :
Release Date : Oct 2018
Barcode :


LR44 × 3 (Included) ※Batteries are for test purpose.



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